who am I?

I am Sophie Amity Debs, an American freelance software developer. When I have the time, I make fun little tools; when I have more time, I make mobile apps. When I have a job, or, you know, can't quite get Electron working right for some reason, I make web projects too.
My preferred languages are English and TypeScript! I am also fluent in Japanese, JavaScript, Java, Python, CSS, HTML, and obscure gaming lingo.

where am I?

With an amorphous concept of home in roughly San Diego (and originally from North Carolina), I am currently living on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington. I have worked everywhere from the East Coast to Tokyo, however, and I'm a huge fan of urban centers, so I jump at the opportunity to check out new cities around America and the world with the hard condition of public transit, and the negotiable conditions of, you know, gainful employment and good food.

why am I?

Aside from the metaphysical implications of a question like that (talk to me about philosophy!), the reason I do what I do is I think computers are rad and I like making stuff! I entered college as a political science major, and got into computer science after taking CS 1 as a required distributive course and falling in love. CS has changed my life and given me tools to access the world, and I love that.
Lots of little tools have helped me throughout CS, and so I like making those, plus they also come to mind pretty often, as tools for my own personal use or as internal tools at where I've worked. I like making apps because I love the flexibility and all-inclusiveness of mobile devices, where you can work with the whole device easily as one package. My main concern is just 'making things people will use' and doing good for the world, so I'm flexible and just like being impactful where I can be.

what else am I?

In addition to a software developer and a student, I'm a music fan, philosopher, political advocate, and gaming enthusiast.
Join me in watching my League rank progressively tumble from ranked inactivity, or join me for some ranked matches in Splatoon by adding me at Switch friend code SW-7399-3833-5004. If you're more the head-to-head type, as a former competitive Pokemon battler, I also love hashing up my old teams, if you feel like shooting me a DM and a Pokemon Showdown invitation at Zeta-X.